Forestalia values ​​the new eolic regulation of Aragon and calls for speed in administrative procedures

The company shows its willingness to fully invest in Aragon the 300 MW obtained in the ministerial auction in January, in which it was the largest contractor

The company Forestalia appreciates the step forward in favor of wind energy that is the decree law approved today by the Government of Aragon, for the opportunities offered by renewable energy for the creation of employment and sustainable development.

In the same way, Forestalia trusts that there will be new decisions in favor of renewable energies, and demands the maximum speed in the processing of administrative files by all agencies. An adequate regulatory framework and the agility in the processing of applications are key to ensure that investments remain in Aragon.

In this sense, Forestalia announces its willingness to fully invest in Aragon the 300 MW of wind energy obtained in the ministerial auction of last January, in which Forestalia -a company with Aragonese roots- was the largest contractor, both in wind power and power generation. clean energy through biomass.

Forestalia reiterates its commitment to renewable energies, as guarantors of a carbon-free economy, as required by the international agreements signed by Spain and Europe in the face of climate change.