Forestalia requests 165 million from the EIB for its wind projects.

It figures 298 million to build the 300 MW of power awarded in 2016.

El economista


Forestalia has requested 165 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance the so-called Goya project, that is, the construction of a total of 300 MW of wind power in Aragon that the company managed to win in the first renewable energy auction that the Government made in 2016.

Eight of the nine wind farms require overcoming the environmental impact assessment process, with the exception of a park with a capacity of 10 MW (only three wind turbines) and the 220 kV overhead line of 28 kilometers for the connection to the grid. these plants.

Forestalia explained yesterday that only three of the nine plants have already received environmental consent and the rest of the processes are still underway. On the one hand, it has already received several permits from Inaga – the last one yesterday – and the largest of the parks, one of 50 MW, has to be authorized by the Ministry and also continues its course.

The company is committed to developing these parks with General Electric technology