Agreement between Forestalia and the UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF ENVIROMENTAL SCIENCES for research on renewable energies.

The agreement will strengthen the research and dissemination of renewable energies and their technological, socioeconomic, territorial, regulatory and environmental repercussions.

The Forestalia Group and the INSTITUTO UNIVERSITARIO DE LAS CIENCIAS AMBIENTALES (IUCA) of the University of Zaragoza have signed an agreement for research and dissemination of renewable energy and its technological, socioeconomic, territorial, legal, regulatory and environmental repercussions.

To this end, the University of Zaragoza through the IUCA and the Forestalia Group will collaborate in research, development and innovation activities, request for R + D + i projects in public calls, training, advising and holding meetings, conferences and congresses intended for the exchange of information among specialists.

The IUCA -especially the Territory and Science and Chemical Technology- areas, and the Forestalia Group consider the collaboration between both parties of great interest and propose joint projects and actions that serve the teaching, research and dissemination of renewable energies, such as wind, photovoltaic and biomass, and specifically case studies and comparisons of electricity production plants by combustion of biomass in Europe and the world, analysis of the application regulations (on environment, health, territory, landscape … ); characteristics of the facilities and authorizations; technologies used and best available techniques; study of the socio-economic impact on the environment and the social return on investment, social agreement, public opinion and corporate social responsibility policies; as well as socio-economic impact and social return of wind farms, both at a local scale and with a greater territorial scope.

The Forestalia Group is a leading company in the renewable energy sector, especially in wind and biomass, where it has been the biggest winner of the auction resolved on January 14, 2016 by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, with a total of 408 megawatts (MW). The Group has a long track record in R & D, especially in energy crops, with plantations in several autonomous communities of Spain (Aragón, Cataluña, Castilla-León and Andalucía), Sardinia (Italy) and Marseille (France). He recently announced his willingness to invest preferably in Aragon the 300 MW of wind power obtained in the ministerial auction. In electrical energy through biomass, it promotes several projects: in El Bierzo (León), with the Junta de Castilla-León, in Aragón (in Monzón, Zuera and Erla), Andalucía and Comunidad Valenciana.